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In the middle of nowhere, two windmills spin and spin despite not to obey the purpose for which they were created.

This documentary tells the story of two vertical axis windmills (panémonas) that are installed in a small area of ​​dry farming located in the Aragonese village of Castelnou (Teruel), Spain.

Two mills made ​​from recycled materials

The purpose of the mills was the extraction of water from a ditch for the drip irrigation of this small area.

plano general

We’ll know this story through the work of an editorial team that goes searching for a report for a television program.


>> You can see the TV report published by these reporters

GIRA_Final 1The charactersCarolina y Arturo

Carolina and Arturo are a couple of reporters who visit Castelnou and Samper de Calanda to film these windmills and learn about the personal stories of the people involved on their construction. Carolina is the journalist and Arturo the camera operator.

MaicaMaica is Armando Ibanez’s daughter, owner of the windmills. Armando died soon after completion of the works.

JoaquinJoaquin, Maica’s uncle, is the designer and ultimate builder of these windmills.

CenitalThe shooting

To film a tv report

storySTORY 02

“A filming within a filming”, this documentary will show the shooting of a fictitious tv report that could very well have been real.  A camera member with a steadycam follows the filming crew while they are at work. This technique allows for a language and format often used in cinematographic endeavours, as opposed to more traditional approaches when recording with just the camera man (i.e, static camera on a tripod, at eye level, etc)

Aerial scenes had been shot using drones

The documentary had been shot mainly outdoors, but some takes were necessarily been filmed indoors. The technical explanations about the windmills and how do their mechanism work, will consist of blueprints and designs on paper.


GIRA_Final 5The message

Carolina reflects in their texts, and invites us to establish comparisons with other current situations, hence establishing parallelisms with this story.

There are many examples of mechanisms or social tools, and many other kinds, that we don’t fully use even if we have them at hand and they are fully accessible to us.


GIRA_Final 5cThe music

Disappointment and apathy are the leit motif on the lyrics of that music style that reigned over the 90s pop-rock  and ended up being called “grunge”. Grunge style is usually associated to a certain disregard for the aesthetics, which amongst other aspects aspects – also musically – inherit from punk

Feeling let down, abandonment, is exactly what these unfinished windmills transmits. For this reason the 2 chosen songs, which have been specially created for this short film, are inspired in this musical genre that was as the peak of its fame in the same years that this project was being built.





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